The Classic Window Portrait

Windows are your friend. I have shot many portraits by positioning my subject in a chair slightly turned towards window, backed up and zoomed in best I could, opened the aperture all the way, and focused on the eyes.

He goes by 'Sugarwookie'




The last two were taken in the exact same place. Differnet lens, and a bedsheet draped over a light stand to be backdrop.

The Classic Window Portait setup.

  1. Window to the side and in front of subject (and side lighting, but some sneaks around and fills in other side). Play with subject angle and nose direction (towards camera/out window and in between)
  2. Back up as much as possible and zoom in. This compresses the face and helps make the background blurry.
  3. Aperture all the way open. Again, we can't control our background so we just want a creamy smooth buttery blur.
  4. If one has a fill device, use it.

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