The Window + Reflector Table Shot

Food photographers these days love natural light. Crazy love it. They are super obsessed.

Can you blame them? Look at this:

Shot for Conflict Kitchen

This was shot outside. That's it. The whole setup was "wait for cloud to get in the way of sun". I brouht a big diffusion panel to hold up and act as a cloud, but other than that, this is shot just on a table in front of the restaurant. It was shot in the middle of winter and it was 16 degrees farenheight out. A tripod was used so I could keep my hands in my pockets whenever possible, and batteries had to be swapped frequently (batteries do not like cold). The cold weather froze the food, so it all stayed looking fresh, not withered.

Let's talk about how to achieve a "natural light look" uhg in a more controlled setting.

The look is simple. It's the same as the window portrait except a bit different. We need a reflector, since we will be closer to the window and the light falloff will be sharper. We want a backdrop, not just a blurry background.

This video shows us how simple and easy lighting a scene can be.

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