Exercise One

Find Your Camera and Use It

Don't go buy a camera. Let's start with whatever you have with you. Cell phone camera? Fine. Old instamatic camera and a stockpile of film? Great. A DSLR? Awesome.

I'm going to assume that you are using a dedicated camera device, not a cell phone camera.

If you are using your cell phone camera - which is fine - there are some 3rd party camera apps that allow more sophisticated control over the camera, which will help if you're following along.

For android, I recommend Camera FV5 and for iOS 8 and newer the default camera app appears to support manual capture, as does Manual.

Go Take 10 images of 10 things.

Find 10 things. Take a photo of each one. Objects, walls, settings, environments, cats, whatever. Don't travel far. You probably know enough about your camera to take a picture with it, so the first part of exercise one is to do that.

Do it again, but different

Okay, now take 10 more photos of the exact same things, but these photos have to be significantly different in some way. The angle the camera is it, the distance you are to the object, how much else is in the scene, the posture of the cat; whatever. Think of different ways the same objects could be photographed and try to capture them.

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