Photography Is Easy

If you can do the following thing, then you are a going to have a huge head start on your journey to killing it on instagram becoming a photographer. That thing is simple: Don't drop the camera.

If you end your day and you haven't broken anything, lost anything, or otherwise disrespected your gear; then that is a good day! You come back from a photowalk and your photos are junk? Relax. We're shooting digital, the files can be deleted and nobody will ever know you took a bad photo. It takes thousands of bad photographs before good ones start appearing. If you don't respect and take care of the gear that you use, you'll never have a good day.

Vito II The Voigtlander Vito II, a 35mm camera made in 1954.

Step One: Know Your Gear

Don't go running outside and take a bunch of photos yet! I believe the better one knows their gear, the better they will be able to ignore their gear while shooting. Cameras shouldn't be struggled with while you are using them. The more you can keep your attention on the world around you and the less that you attention is focused on this fiddly box in your hands, the better you will do and the faster you will learn.

Learning the limits of your gear will also stave off that pesky habbit photographers have of constantly wanting to buy new cameras. Save money and learn your camera inside and out. Don't be surprised by anything it can or cannot do. When looking for new cameras, they are also less likely to surprise you. Many inexperienced photographers head into photogrpahy stores and drop thousands on dollars on equipment that they think will take the amazing photos for them. They wan't to be surprised and impressed.

You're a good photographer, you don't. These cameras are just tools.

So. You have your camera? Ready to learn it's parts and how to take great images with it? Not so fast. We need to cover the most essential part of being a photographer: don't drop the camera.

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