Advanced Camera Features

So Far, we have been talking about the essential concepts towards being a photographer. Things you need to know in order to get the shot you want to get.

This section is a little bit different. It's about what you need to know in order to make your camera better in any situation. In other words, this is about adapting your camera in order to get the shot you need.

If you just can't get the photo you want to get, or it isn't coming out right, or everything is too bright or too dark, then this section is for you. There's most likely some a setting somewhere that you can fiddle with in order to get the image the way you want it.

If you are reading this guide front-to-back like a book, I recommend going forwards to the composition section, then circling back to this one after you've had some more practice with your camera.

Remember This

In this section, we must think back to what cameras do:

  1. Take pictures
  2. Measure Light
  3. Focus
  4. Show pictures
  5. Transfer images

Most of this section is about the first 3, and the steps in between them. Metering modes, for example, change how the camera measures light in order to take better pictures in different environments. While this is the "Advanced" camera section, most of photography can be thought of not as knowledge built on top of itself, but a bunch of easy and simple things that all come together. Let's get learning!

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