The Parts Of A Camera (again)

By this point, I am assuming you have held a DSLR or similarly competent camera and taking some images with it, and messed around with a few settings. You are beginning to grasp just what changing these settings actually does.

Maybe it was your uncles DSLR. Maybe you took, like, 10000 photos with the lens cap on and filled up his memory card. Maybe it was during a wedding, and then he didn’t get the one important wedding shot because the memory card was full. Maybe you are super sorry about that, like you’ve said a million times, and wish he didn’t keep holding it over your head and mentioning it at every family gathering. You were like, 6! I said I was sorry!

The important parts are:

  • The Lens
  • The Image Sensor
  • The Camera Body
  • The Viewfinder

Let's cover each part in NEEDLESS detail. This section is the difference between being able to identify that a dashboard warning light is on, and the knowledge of a mechanic. You won't need everything in this section, but when it helps, you'll be glad you know it! Plus you feel smart, and, of course, this stuff is cool.

Camera Lenses are the most complicated (lots to cover!) and understanding them is important to haveing a solid understanding of your fundamentals. It's from undertstanding lenses that you will begin to manipulate and understand light. Lets start with them!

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