About Photography

Photography is, all things considered, a recent art form. Digital photography is phenomenally more recent! The first practical DSLR came out in 1991, it was the Nikon D1. This was the first digital camera with a high enough quality to print - an astounding 2.7 megapixels! 1991 was the same year Disney's Beauty and the Beast was released.

The first DSLR

Image by Ashley Pomeroy from Wikimedia Commons

What is Photography?

Photography is the process of creating images through the capture of light.

What is Photography About?

Photography is about light. It's about understanding the way light travels, bounces, reflects, refracts, diffracts, gets absorbed, curves, bends, stops, starts, moves, dances, squiggles, flips, jumps, separates, combines, mixes, and interacts with the world around us.

Photography is about vision. It's about pre-visualizing what an image will look like before the image is captured.

Photography is not about cameras or cool gear. It's about creating images with tools, not using tools that happen to create images. It can also sometimes be about cameras or cool gear.

Photography is about time. It holds onto the way light behaved at a certain place over a small period of time. Photography is not instantaneous, technically. Sometimes it might as well be, for how short of a time span is reflected in images.

Photography is about the past. There is no photograph of the future, or even of the present. Every photograph is a memory.

Photography is about enjoying yourself. Photography should be fun. If you ever find yourself bogged down by technical details, or frustrated with artistic visions falling short - stop. Put the camera down. Clear your head. Pick the camera back up - on auto, even - and snap a few exposures. Get back into it. If you arn't enjoying the process, your images will suffer.

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